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07-30-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
You have QC, Hamilton, Markham, Seattle, and Portland available. There is also Cleveland and Houston on the next tier. No need to contract when those markets are underserved.
Certainly if the NHL ever gets desperate there will be options available. And the League will have to get very damn desperate before it ever considers contraction. Contraction is just a dream that some people around here have.

Originally Posted by AdmiralsFan24 View Post
I think the NHL would gladly take riots in Quebec if they could put teams in Seattle and Portland.
Now, there may well be various relocation options available in a scenario that the NHL got desperate for such; but there are currently not really that many highly likely expansion options. Portland and Houston do indeed look very attractive on certain levels, but neither city, or more correctly no potential owner in either city has shown particular interest in spending the big bucks necessary to get an expansion team. Now certainly things can change, but interest coming out of Houston hasn't been heard now for quite a long time, and Portland has primarily stepped up when it thought there might be a cheap relocated team to be had. In fact though, it doesn't necessarily have to do with the initial price tag, but also with the struggles of an expansion team until it really gets established. I believe in Portland's case it's more that any potential owners there would rather have a competitive coming in and not having to go through those early expansion struggles.

Any other expansion site, other than Seattle and Quebec City that is, would possibly be some smaller-sized city wanting to get its name on the major League map.

A lot of people in this thread seem to be desperately looking for some option other than QC, primarily because they don't want QC to mess up this pretty little alignment that the League has created. Hey, I'd absolutely love there to be both Portland and Seattle, but I'm still thinking that for the very near future Portland is still primarily a relocation option first, an expansion option second if potential owners there finally decide to take that route,... Of course, if they do, and do it well, the NHL will be all over it.

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