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07-30-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Del Zotto absolutely is worth that much, if not more. Connolly couldn't make the Bolts this past season, what makes you think he supplants Nash, Hagelin, Callahan, Stepan, Brassard, Richards or Kreider in a fight for top six minutes in NY right now? He doesn't. MDZ is consistently undervalued in a massive way on these boards. We're talking about a kid who was on pace for his third 35+ point NHL season, as a d-man, at 22 last season. For all intents (difficult to say because of the lockout) he is essentially a proven 40+ point offensive d-man. He turned 23 a couple of weeks ago. His defensive game is tremendously underrated. Do you think John "doghouse" Tortorella would give him nearly 23 minutes a night, PP+PK+ES, if his defensive game hasn't improved in leaps and bounds from earlier in his career? He's young, he's physical, he's already in the top ~15 around the league in defensive scoring. His defense is now quite good and continuing to get better and he's not at his offensive peak either. I don't know how anyone could possibly think that gets moved for a question mark prospect who had one good AHL season and a second round pick. In fact, I will say with 1000% confidence that only at Hockey's FUTURE does anyone have the foolishness to think it does.
First both are top ten picks first rounders.

MDZ is not pietrangelo if you offered that for this I say do it no questions asked.

KoekKoek looks to me from the little evaluation I have had to be the same or better player. Yep do not watch Del Zotto night in night out. He is lefty we want rh physical d we have plenty in system of lh scoring d at top and in prospects.

Why said is not a good fit is not what we need to help us really. Have Carle as said and KoekKoek coming. Now the other two players? Basically nothing and we will give up Connolly?

Connolly at most needs one more year of grooming. He will work out fine at that time for us. Yet to you guys if kid is not ready at 20 to play in NHL he is washed up and no good and no longer to be of any value?

You want to take Brewer and Salo off our hands we can discuss Del Zotto yet with Carle and KoekKoek coming we would need to move one of them probably before their contracts expired etc..

With your logic I guess the islanders should give up on nino niederrator and columbus should give up on ryan johnson? They were picked fourth and fifth in 2010.

Nino is not ready for pros this year and is a case that would say neither is ryan he didnt come out and put up 50 points etc..

Your boy Dylan Mcilrath looks no where even close to ready and he was what 10th pick yep. I get defenders sometimes need more time.

Also Kreider is a big guy but just because he got lucky a couple times in playoffs do not think he is anything special yet he has a long way to go to prove that.

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