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Just to close out this tangent of a discussion about style of play overseas and to clarify why some comments were allowed and why some have been removed.... some explanations:

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
The NHL would never do that. This isn't a circus, unlike European hockey with their golden helmets and cheerleaders (and I'm not taking about ice girls). They celebrate individualism overseas and will stick an ad anywhere. It's sickening.
This post is OK as Ziggy is referring to European hockey players style of play, not Europeans in general (which would not be allowed).

Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
What's sickening is you taking this opportunity to post xenophobic rants about European hockey.
xenophobia |ˌzēnəˈfōbēə, ˌzenə-|
intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

Xenophobia was a poor choice of words there, because again, this was a style of play discussion, not a rant on Europeans. It's a fine line here and I'd rather we not go down this path at all, but again - so long as the discussion is focused on style of play, it's OK.

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Sorry the truth hurts but I tell it like it is. That's why so many of these prima donnas end up returning to Europe, they can't cut it here because their stupid little tricks and antics don't fly around here.
This is borderline, but given I can relate the "prima donna" comment back to the individualistic style of play comment earlier, it's OK. Barely. Another moderator may choose just to delete this post because it is so borderline.

Originally Posted by Lead Role in a Cage View Post
Maybe I misunderstand something here, but unless I miss your point, I have a hard time believing that any country in Europe is more "indvidualistic" than the US.
You misunderstood. Again, Ziggy is referring to style of play, not a nationality of people.

Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
I'm sure you would have been completely fine with a European using inductive reasoning to make inflammatory assessments on Americans based off of a very minor experience.

You didn't say you hated their hockey. You attacked a culture of people. Come on, you know the difference.
Ziggy did not attack a culture of people. You inferred that from his comments and that was an incorrect inference (at least from the moderator lens I have to view it through).

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
I didn't attack a culture. I was talking about hockey the entire time. I don't like the hockey played there. That's all there is to it. Where did I attack Europeans? Man are people so damn sensitive.
That pretty much sums it up. If people are talking about a style of hockey, it's fine. The moment it becomes a discussion about a class or nationality of people, it's not fine. Posts that went down that path were removed. Everything else that is OK by the rules here has remained even though most of it is off-topic. Please get back to the thread topic from here on out.


I wanted to reply in this way because it was obviously a sensitive subject and I wanted to offer a glimpse into what we have to deal with when it comes to moderating. We DO care and do take the time to try to get our moderating right around here. Sometimes it's borderline and is not easy. Thanks for everyone's understanding.

Moving along

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