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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I have 3 photo-radar tickets. Just want them reduced if it's possible, I've heard people saying it is, but I'm unfamiliar with the process.

Just as a PSA/heads up. Two of them were on the snake section of groat rd (NB, I've seen it parked facing SB too), the other was on the henday WB @ ray gibbon dr (the photo car sits on top of the ray gibbon overpass looking down on the henday). If you ever see the red prius with city of edmonton written on the side in blue, it's a photo-radar car. I saw it a number of times and didn't realize what it was. A few weeks later I get 3 tickets over the course of a few weeks.

I've also seen the same prius on the south side of the henday near that valley/bridge between terwilligar and the west end.
Well what you could do is try say that if you would've been pulled over the first time via laser you would've learned your lesson. Other than that I don't know what defense you can have. Judge could always come back at you with "you now know that there is photo radar all over the city so don't speed".

As an FYI the City is using a crap load of vehicles now that look like construction vehicles or promotion vehicles. It's best to slow down if you see a vehicle that appears broke down or working.

Tip 2, if you see a homeless man standing in the median at the lights and you are on the phones you will get a ticket. Although maybe I shouldn't tell you this one as I can't stand people that talk on their phone in the city. Amazing how bad ones ability is by talking on a phone.

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