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Name: Brandon

Age: 22

Location: Ottawa Valley

Current Occupation: College Student/Grocery Store Worker

Sabres Fan Since: Late 90s, Goat Head era

Season Ticket Holder? (Y/N):Nah, only been too 1 game in Buff

All Time Favorite Sabres: Peca, Hasek, Briere,

Current Favorite Sabres: Erhoff, Ott, Vanek

Favorite Sabres Moment: Gotta be Pommers goal in Ottawa, t'was a thing of beauty to see live.

Sabres Jerseys You Own: McArthur, Roy, Vanek all Blue ad a Briere GoatHead. If this is any indication....Vaneks not here for long.

Team You Hate Most: Boston and Ottawa, but I'm starting to get soft on Ottawa with their now lack of Alfreddson and picking up Ryan
Personal (Pick 3)

Favorite Musical Artists: All over the place from rock to country to hip hop.

Favorite Movies: Bourne movies, anything Chris Farley, Never Back Down

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