Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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07-30-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Your Kelowna experience is because of atmospheric changes in the ionosphere that happen at night allowing signals to travel much farther.
Many stations in Canada (including CHED) are mandated by the CRTC to cut their signal strength just before nightfall due to this phenomena. Thats why (if you are far enough away from the transmitting tower) you can be listening to a hockey game in your car and at around sunset the signal becomes weaker and the game may sound much more fuzzy.

In any event I believe 50 kW is still the max broadcast power for any AM station in Canada.
Also (IIRC from my Telecommunications studies) the lower the frequency...the longer the radio wave. So the lower the station is on the AM band the longer the signal will carry.

So if both 630 CHED and 1260 are running 50kW (max) transmissions (which I believe they are) then CHED's range will always be far superior to that of the TEAM1260.

Back before the mid 90's the Oiler games were carried by CFRN1260 and I could never hope to hear the broadcast in my car in Southern Alberta. I was elated when 630CHED got the broadcast rights because that allowed me to hear Oiler info pretty much anywhere in Southern Alberta. The broadcast range for CHED is just so much more superior.

If 1260 does become TSN radio and they do get the broadcast rights for Oiler games it will be a sad day for many rural (and Southern Alberta) Oiler fans as 90% of the provincial coverage will be gone (Streaming audio aside) unless they employ satellite stations around the province which is pretty unlikely.
Thanks for the great post.

This makes sense, as I've noticed that 630 ched and 580 ckua were two of the best for reception all over Alberta, and they are two of the lowest frequencies.

I don't pick up ched at night in Kelowna, I suppose it's just blind luck which stations you get at night? As I said before 1260 didn't come in at night in Alberta and 15 hours away it's clear as a bell for the most part.

I do recall getting stations from as far as Hawaii and what I think was the Phillipines in the past.

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