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07-30-2013, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Montreal Impact FC View Post
So true lol
I'm so on the fence with this draft pick, and patiently will wait Untill proof is in the pudding.
Yes he is big, and hopefully talented.
But you girls kill me. He compared himself to Lucic because he can play on all 4 lines and drop them if he has to, not because he excels in any of those areas. As far as fights go there isn't much to look at. On you Tube he gets worked by guys that are tiny. Jimmy Devito, 5'11, 165lbs sends him to the ice with no problem. To me ........there is a big problem. He is NOT a fighter and I don't care how big he is and what he says. In my eyes, he is a first round draft pick, and he's a first round draft pick that is big and heavy. I hope he figures out something that makes him worthy of it. Please though Hab fans stop turning him into a killer on the whole fighting thing because he will fail big time. 5'11, 165 pound Devito was too much for him, what exactly do you expect him to do with anyone tough over 6 ft that has a reputation in the NHL to do to him.
Ya he models himself after Lucic but right there he is way off the map and I'm so surprised most of you are so sucked in.

My prediction? Blake Wheeler @ 50%. He'll get rag dolled a few times by winners and never gain any major offence to write home about and fizzle out.
At the end of the day AVERAGE but useful.
Please stop with the "killer" photoshop stuff because that is so what he is NOT.
Re-post this in a few years if I'm wrong, but if this kid tries a Lucic type game he will not last long. It's almost embarrassing before it even begins.

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