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07-31-2013, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by kevindank View Post
Off season is killing me so i'm going back and watching old youtube videos of flyers of the past and started thinking about this.

Personally, my most memorable moment was the Petr Svoboda incident where his head hit the ice...scary.

Earliest memory was just the whole experience of my dad waking us up from bed on a school night after going to get pizza and watching a late game, gave me my first sip of beer and just enjoyed sitting with my dad watching the game...cant even remember who it was against.

Favorite flyers memory is 2004 Toronto Game 6 OT playoff the Kapanen hit and then the Roenick Goal

So whats your most memorable, earliest and favorite flyers memory?
1. Earliest was meeting a fellow transfer student who was from Canada. He is the one person who got me hooked on hockey and we started to go to the Cherry Hill Arena to see the "real" Jersey Devils. Sitting behind chicken wire. Young high school kids grabbing bus rides to and from the arena if we could not cop a ride from a older friend.
2. Memorable was going on the "Legends" bus and sitting in the locker room and then working the door on the bench during games. Really cool to see and hear these guys break balls and having fun. Joe Watson runs a tight ship
3. Favorite Flyer Memory of all time for me is Bobby Clarke's game winning OT goal in game 2 of the finals on May the 9th 1974. Molsens and Labatts went flying everywhere as we jumped for joy. The meaning of winning that game after being down 2 zip in the 1st and how the bruins for years loved to dominate and beat the Flyers. To beat that loaded team with all that talent and who were picked to win the cup in a landside, well for me that single moment of Clarkie jumping for joy and hearing Gene and Don yelling along with us will go to the grave with me. See for me that was the cup winner. But to really understand it you had to be there What a moment in time.

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