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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I'm still amazed that alot of folks still do not get what fighting does for a team, a room full of guys.

the deterrent is in the group mentality that you mess with one, you mess with all. That mentality is forged in the trenches when you have your Captain doing what he did, even if he risks getting hurt in the process.

the more a team comes to the aid of a teammate, the more they come to the aid of a teammate.

Every team is going to have their guys that fill that role. Those guys are a dime a dozen. It's when your Captain and top defenceman and skilled guys come in to do that job that a bond within the team starts to form.

The Rangers best season in the last 15 years, they were top 5 in the league in fighting majors.

Direct correlation to fighting and winning? No.

Direct correlation between being a confident and very close knit group and winning? Absolutely.

When your main guys have the confidence that the team, not just specific guys, have your back, you play a bigger game.

That means when someone sneezes in Hanks direction, a hand to that guys face should be immediate.

Someone hits one of our skilled players hard, clean or not, that player needs to be confronted physically. If the hit was dirty, then that player needs to be pummeled by 2-3 Rangers and let the chips fall where they may.

would hate to be teammates with some posters here.
Some people will never get it and will always stick to their no fighting opinion. I totally agree with what you're saying, and I would think most who played themselves would feel the same way. If they don't, they might have been that guy on the squad that you can do without. Teams have those guys, no matter what.

The bolded is how I feel 7 ways to Sunday. All the years I played goal, the d-core always had some if not all that really made you pay for it if you rubbed the goalie the wrong way. Or at least deterred them in some way. Heck most of the team was like it - not just the D.

Sticking up for your teammates is huge.

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