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07-31-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CaliDubiZib View Post
1) Why not? They're not doing anything that would take up more space

2) There's not 18,200 season subs. There were less tickets for the public for every game, no problem for season ticket holders.

3) Not an expert on this stuff, but I'd assume they made use of wasted spaces

4/5) No 400s. Only 3 levels. Nobody knows what's obstructed until they've actually been there

6) Expensive, and not easy to do in one of the busiest areas in New York
On 3), they did blow out offices on the 6th floor. They talked about that on the transformation series when they redid the lower bowl. 8th floor isn't any bigger than it used to be so obviously nothing was done there.

On 4), the bridge blocking the scoreboard will most likely begin in rows 12-14 based on my own observations. Ultimately depends on how big the new board is and how low they hang it. I'm saying 12-14 based on standing up there last year and drawing a line from the edge of the balcony to the 10th floor suites. You could be in rows 12-18 and not find the bridge as an obstruction though so I guess it depends on what he means by obstruction. If you mean the scoreboard then it's what I said. If you mean by the bridge being distracting with people walking across and it being in your line of sight, that could only go for the last couple of rows. We won't really know until opening night.

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