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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
Old doesn't mean they suck. They weren't gonna get much better than Rollins this year. Utley is still a very good 2B. Michael Young is a decent hitting 3B with subpar defense. Ryan Howard is a shell of himself. I was okay with resigning Jimmy.

The problem with this team to me is that their hitting approach is absolutely horrific. Whether that's on the player, or the coaching, is unsure. Ryan Howard fell of a damn cliff somewhere along the line and has been mediocre.
It's on the player 100%. Guys like Rollins & Howard are incredibly impatient, never work counts, barely walk and now because of age, they have very little power.

And old is bad because it typically means more injuries. Howard is done, his career is essentially over. We are all just waiting for Rollins contract to be over, hopefully his option doesn't vest and next year is the last.

Utley is a time bomb, for all we know he doesn't step on the field next year.

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