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Originally Posted by Ilya Bryzastor View Post
The media is making waaaay to much of this Cooper situation , yea he let it slip but we make mistakes , Dam Gunner asking him if he thinks he will be a marked man in the league now. there was a report where white running backs were being called crackers and honkeys on the field but yet nobody makes a big deal out of that.
I highly doubt anyone remembers this in a week or two let alone players remembering it a couple of months from now.

I believe he was saying it with an "a" at the end of it instead of an "er". Now that doesn't make it right but I get the sense he was saying it more as a slang word than an actual slur.

It's incredibly stupid on his part to be getting drunk & starting trouble in public, you just can't do that as an athlete or celebrity & expect it to go unoticed.

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