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Originally Posted by Steve French View Post
Being the guy on an internet forum who tries looking smart by pointing out grammatical errors, . I'll proof read next time if it bothers you that much bud.

But back to my original point, I am simply being realistic. There is no chance in hell Oshie is our captain. I have nothing against Oshie, he has been one of my favorite players since day 1, but he is not what I would envision a captain being. He doesn't drop the gloves(well, we saw what happened when that one time) which is something I would like in a captain. Also, he has been told numerous times by numerous coaches to stop trying to dangle and start playing north-south hockey. He is a great teammate to have, but he is not a leader.

And does editing your post so it say's "you literally have zero clue" add any thing to the discussion?
If you want the captain to be someone who drops the gloves than most of the guys in the league would not be ideal captains for you. Dropping the gloves really means nothing in a discussion for captain IMO. I know that was not the only thing u listed but going through the logical choices and none really drop the gloves.

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