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Originally Posted by jarmoismyhero View Post
If you want the captain to be someone who drops the gloves than most of the guys in the league would not be ideal captains for you. Dropping the gloves really means nothing in a discussion for captain IMO. I know that was not the only thing u listed but going through the logical choices and none really drop the gloves.
It's not that we necessarily want him to be dropping the gloves all of the time, but he needs to be willing to drop the gloves if challanged or if a situation arises where he needs to come to his teammates defense.

For example, there is a scene in the movie "Goon" where the antagonist hits one of the players with a cheap shot, and the Captain immediately skates up to him and says "You know I have to fight you now right?" That's the attitude of a true leader and a perfect Captain.

Some perfect examples of this are Pronger and Sutter. They never went around looking for fights, but wouldn't hesitate at a moments notice to drop the gloves if somebody on the opposing team was messing with one of their guys. That's the role a Captain needs to play. He needs to be the first one to let the other team know that they can go **** themselves, and isn't afraid to put his money where his mouth is.

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