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Originally Posted by dreamingofdrouin View Post
I expect the cup window to still be in full swing in those years....we may fade out a little bit here and there, but it's about having that core in place and then either recycling the role players for and guys who were previously underpayed and about to pop, OR keeping those ready to pop guys and clearing out the previous core, that's sort of what we'll be doing in a few years time or starting as early as next year, with gio and markov but the youth we have no will stay in the core positions for many years to come.

I dont see any upcoming contracts being an issue because of the transition that we will soon undergo and i know we're approaching a very good opportunity with our current core and the fact that gally and gally and the d-men will all be underpayed for a couple years but i really don't see suuby's contract getting in the way...even at 7.5 or 8 it's gonna look like an absolute god send down the road and you can book it.
It's not about PK's contract getting in the way. That much is completely unknown. We don't know what PK will be signed for, we don't know what Eller will want. We don't know if Markov and Gionta are going to be re-signed, replaced by more expensive-same price-cheaper free agents, we don't know what Diaz and Emelin will want and be re-signed. There's too many questions to really know anything.
That's the point. That's why, if you have a chance to lock up a young star at a longer term deal that will be a discount in a couple year (with hindsight, it would have been a discount from year 1 with PK), you just do it.
Go around the NHL and look at players that sign bridge deals. All of them are unproven or just top 3-4 guys at best. None of them were of PK's caliber. Those that were signed longer term deals. That's just the way it goes, bridge deals are given to players that aren't proven, that's it. There's no other reason. People here like to come up with a bunch of different reason for it to make sense, but really, it only comes down to this. Bergevin wasn't sold on PK, he said so himself. The way Therrien used PK shows he also wasn't convinced. I mean, this Norris winner was used as a bottom pairer and on the 2nd wave of the PP. That, to me, tells me everything on how they perceived PK.

As for the window. Sure, hey, hopefully we will become contenders for years and years, keep recycling talent and win cups. I certainly hope so. But despite what you may believe, you can't claim it as fact. What will our team look like in 7 years? Who knows.
Point is we have a window now with guys like MaxPac, Price, PK getting in their primes, guys like Plekanec and Gorges providing solid veteran presence, and hopefully great young contributors like Eller and the Gals. We know we have some good talent coming, we know we have good players here, window is soon. Where we'll be in 6-7 years is unknown despite what you may believe.
So, it comes all the way back to if you can save any bit of cash to go spend it on bigger free agents during the cup window, you do it.

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