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07-31-2013, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
A bit late. Already made it to New Hampshire.

Thanks for trying though!

13 hrs of driving a day for 3 days and then 8 today. Move in tomorrow and should have actual internet and not hotel internet tomorrow.

PS. Des Moines sucks. Was there for a hockey tourney a few years ago and this confirmed my old belief that Iowa is useless. But now I hate Illinois, Indiana, OHIO, New York, and every other ****ing state that charges to take a highway.
I didn't even look at the time or date... FAIL.
Birthday hangover apparently threw my ability to know what day it is out of whack.

Des Moines is awful. When the one thing you're known for is the band Slipknot, you're terrible...

Indiana has perhaps the worst toll roads ever. I drove to South Bend to watch my little brother play against Notre Dame years ago, I get on the tolls just past Gary, Indiana (yesh, that place is terrifying...) and you get a stamped ticket when you enter the road. I did about 5 mph over the speed limit which I think was 55 or 60, go to get off on the exit. I pull up to the booth where you pay for how long you used the tolls, and guy comes back to the window hands me my change and then goes "and here's your speeding ticket, you have a nice day." I question him on it and he proceeds to explain that they know exactly how long it should take you to drive all the roads, you get there before the time, and it's proof you were speeding... Screw Indiana!

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