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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I used to think that having an odd number of teams in the NHL in this day and age would be a bad thing, but but more that I've thought about it the more that I've realized that it really wouldn't be that big of a deal. It's not like baseball, where having an odd number of teams is a bad thing given that you play over six out of seven days a week for the most part and have to play on the major vacation days and weekends. Not the case for the NHL, with day(s) off between most games for every team.

32 sounds better than 31 teams-wise, but don't think it'd be that huge of an issue. If anything, adding a team at a time might be in their best interest, as it'd guarantee that the newbies would get a first overall pick versus only a 50% chance if they expanded by two at once.
Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
I don't think it would be that big of a deal to have 31 or 33 teams.

For 13 seasons, the NHL had an odd number of teams (17 in 1978-79, 21 in 1979-80 thru 1991) and the NBA, which plays basically the exact same season had an odd number for 27 of 34 seasons from 1970-2004.
You strike when the iron is hot, as the saying goes. If Seattle, Quebec City, and Portland all come forth with owners who want teams and are willing to dish out the $ to get teams, then all 3 of those locations are great for the NHL. The only issue might be a possible negative effect on the skill factor within the League if there are 3 new teams all of a sudden, but I don't think that would be a serious issue.

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