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07-31-2013, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
Just discussing the other side of the coin...Who knows, exactly? We can only go by Forbes estimates, unless there are others that share their reports publicly. The best data I can give is from this report from that's before the new US TV deal, as well as a couple of local TV deals and a massive sponsorship deal over the past few years.

The point here is that a CBA is negotiated so that teams must spend to a percentage of League-wide revenue that there are many other ways to increase that, but as you mention, if the product isn't supported because of horrible business decisions (see "Dollar Bill" Wirtz, or better yet, the Atlanta Spirit Group), it poses a very large problem.

Regarding my take on rivalries:Of course there isn't. Because those teams with numerous rivals don't want to lose the passion of their fans, specifically because it can help their revenues. The flipside is if you can't get rivals and are perenially bad (Columbus, Florida, Tampa Bay to a point recently) then you see what happens. Columbus was dealt a bad hand from the get-go, originally slated to be in the Eastern Conference for a few years, until unseated by the Leafs. Leafs revenues go up and up and up; Columbus can't get anything generated, and both teams have had similar standings.

You need to fix the alignment so there is a chance at better rivalries for perennial bottom-dwellers.And that's my point. This year, the "relocation crowd" is clamoring to move the low revenue teams (except the Blues for some reason). Move those low-revenue teams and there will be a new call from the "relocation crowd" for a new set of revenue bottom-dwellers.

The funny part is directly after the 2005 lockout, those low-revenue teams were Chicago, Washington and Pittsburgh. The pro-relocation crowd hardly talked about them. A couple loaded drafts later, they're leading their conferences and doing well in revenue.
Grudy, I was on the move pittsburgh bandwagon. we'll see if crosby gets hurt in 5 years what happens. I bet 10,000 a game will be back. As for the other two, you don't get rid of a market of 5 million in the NE and 10 million the captial of the midwest.

The real question, is why the same market struggle in each of the big four sports. If it was just hockey fans this argument would be fair, but it's not and no one wants to touch this.

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