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08-01-2013, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
And you'll find that the only rationale people come up with defending many of those moves involve comparisons to other transactions that have been deemed "worse". I mean, that's basically admitting that as stand alone moves they're questionable (at best), if that's the main line of defense reasoning. If the Habs' moves were the only ones made by any team in the NHL all year, how would they look? Horrible, I submit, but in fairness they aren't the only moves/changes so far.
i'll never understand that reasoning, or way of thinking... comparing to the lowest common denominator is a loser mentality.

NHL, from a competitive point of view is pretty cut & dry. Win. Period. Only 1 winner every year, so it's incredibly tough, but either you're aiming for that, or you're making excuses.

From a business point of view, making money is the bottom line... hence why the Gainey era lasted so long. Arriving at a convenient time (canadian dollar nearing parity, owner willing to spend to the cap, mid 2000's being a strong period economically), the money was rolling in, so the pressure to actually win wasn't so strong.

Habs continued financial success risks putting us on the Maple Laffs path... where the sound of the cash register drowns out the competitive fire at the organizational level.

Who cares that we didn't make "the worst" moves in the offseason. The organization should be looking to make "the best" decisions each and every offseason... and while that's impossible, better to aim high and "miss" with average moves, than settle/be content with mediocre.

I though MB's first summer on the job showed a nice mix of ballsiness, calculated risk, and roster manipulation in a clear/precise direction. Didn't necessarily like all of them, but there was a consistency and vision that shone through.

His moves since the start of 2013 don't follow that same pattern. Rushed extensions, minimal/redundant trades, conservative draft day, reach UFA signing... some of it might work out, but none of it seems to have:
A- improved the team now
B- significantly improved us for the future (the draft class is no different than other years, he did add the 3rd, but that's hardly a big push for "future" focus)
C- been a creative attempt at improving the current/future of the organization

I welcome the accusation that I won't be happy until we have the best GM in the league... cuz that's what I want to see, just like I want to see the habs be the best team in the league, ie win the cup.

anything else is quite reasonably a disappointment.

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