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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
It's easy to sit here and criticize but sometimes, the best moves you make are the ones you don't make. I for one am glad that he didn't give 7 years to a David Clarkson or the money Ryane Clowe received. Those two players would have gone a long way to please the crowds though and appease the concerns of "being tougher to play against".
- even casual fans knew well before the offseason that this years UFA crop was bare, and that average/role players would cash in huge as a result.

- Clowe & Clarkson are not the only two players who have changed uniforms in the last few months who fit the "tough to play against" model

- why even bother bringing up other teams mistakes? Nothing wrong with wanting our organization to be making the "best" moves, I don't see why we should settle for "not making the worst" moves.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Bergevin has always said that he is focusing on changing the culture and people laugh at the concept that he wants character players. Well from what I've read, Kristo is a party animal who doesn't take his hockey seriously while Thomas is filled with such character and drive. I am not thrilled with the Briere signing but there is no denying that he's a character player who doesn't take a night off and who works hard on and off the ice.
doesn't take much searching to find that Briere's off ice "character" leaves something to be desired.

Do you think MB would turn his back on having a guy like Pat Kane on the team because of his off-ice issues?

On ice, Briere is also a diver and a guy who often whines/chirps.

in the last few seasons Briere has taken a lot of "nights off" due to injury.

Dan Cleary is still unsigned, pure character guy on ice, likely available at much smaller commitment and would have been a better roster fit. Ditto B.Morrow... if "character" was really the objective.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
As much as Desharnais has become the whipping boy of many of the fans on this forum, he is extremely appreciated in the dressing room with his teammates and none are in a better position than Bergevin and his team to know what kind of character player he is. Same goes with Bouillon who, by the way, signed for one more year while the young guys develop a bit more. Big freakin' deal.
in that regard, the bouillion signing makes some sense... but at 2-3M$+ for multiple years, you need more than "well liked in the locker room".

tying up that kind of money for that kind of term IS a "big freakin deal" in a cap era. Not too mention the impact it has on the coach/players in terms of dealing with what happens if/when his performance pushes him out of his role.

Pleks-Eller-Galch already makes him a 4th wheel up the middle.
Gionta - Gally - Briere (especially with Thomas, Colberg, Holland as the closest top-6 wingers in the system) makes him a less than ideal fit in the top-6/9 on the wing.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
You say that Bergevin hasn't done anything to make the team tougher to play against but no where in your rant can we read the trade for George Parros, a guy who will help when the going gets tough. Notice one thing with the 3 moves though: he didn't overpay, even if Desharnais is arguable, but we'll have to wait and see.
a fighter who struggles to win fights these days and is not particularly useful in any role other than punching bag & "good in the locker room" is hardly the solution to making the team tougher to play against. It may help by virtue of taking some pressure off of Prust and allowing him to spend more time on the ice than in the injury ward/penalty box, but that's an indirect benefit.

Desharnais is overpaid if not in dollars, certainly in term commitment. The current roster make up & pipeline make it much much worse given how redundant the smallish forward is in our organization.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
He kept his draft picks? Oh my God! What a crime! Come on man. He got bigger with 4 out of the 6 picks, including 3 mean SOBs. Yet, if people listened to Bergevin when he talks, they'd be able to recognize that he has a plan and he is following it:
are the hysterics really necessary?

4 of 6? what? McCaron, DLR, Crisp... that's 3. The finn & the swiss are both diminutive, and the goalie is a goalie.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
LIST=1][*]He wants to change the culture by adding character players to be tougher to play against.[*]He doesn't have a 5 year plan like others before him, he wants to build a contender year in, year out and you don't build that through UFAs but by sound drafting and developing players internally.[*]He will not get into bidding wars to get a player unless he feels it's the player he must have.[*]He feels it's the team's duty to ensure they don't miss local products as he feels it's important to have a local flavour on the team. How many of this year's picks were from the Q?[*]He didn't waste any of his draft picks on overpayments at the trade deadline last year, like Pittsburgh did, amongst others.[/LIST]
he also did not improve the team at all for the upcoming season.
made no adjustments (beyond 8min/game Parros) to address the teams biggest weakness
in real terms, actually made the team smaller/softer at forward

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Because the results are not right there, right in front of their nose, some fans need to take a few steps back in order to be able to recognize the forest from the trees. Bergevin is doing an outstanding job so far, and some of the moves considered by some as being mistakes are really well calculated moves at relatively low costs to the franchise. I truly believe that those criticizing will be the same praising him in a not so distant future.
i liked what he did in his first few months on the job, I just don't like what i've seen in the last few months.

those two periods, if you break down the moves, lack consistency, making it questionable as to how someone could just blanket approve of everything he's done... although that does happen a lot around here, where some people feel the need to take one stance and then stick with it come hell or high water, regardless of how things evolve.

I hope MB's moves work out, would be thrilled to turn out wrong on his most recent decisions, and would be thrilled to the next few months "wow" me with how he improves the organizarion either in the short or long term.

but i'm not going to sit at a picnic and chug the kool-aid no matter how nice the forest is.

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