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Originally Posted by Ditchweed View Post
One point in the article that looks off is a continuing increase of 10% in the salary cap. That seems to be completely unrealistic since it requires continual heavy growth in revenues, yet even this year the cap numbers went down. It is very doubtful those will be the actual increases. As a result, all those %age numbers would be way off.

Year Estimated salary cap
2012-13 $70.2M
2013-14 $64.3M
2014-15 $70.0M
2015-16 $76.2M
2016-17 $83.0M
2017-18 $90.3M
2018-19 $98.3M
2019-20 $107.0M
2020-21 $116.5M
2021-22 $126.8M
I'm not sure how you find the projected financial growth/salary cap unreasonable.

Berkshire used the 8.9% annual growth average from the last CBA period. The league may even surpass these numbers, especially if one or two struggling teams move and the certain addition of 2 more franchises to make an even 30.

The cap going down for 2014 is not based on revenues per se, but is an artificial limit imposed through negotiation in the current CBA.

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