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08-01-2013, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by snakeye View Post
The bridge contact was the right move because of the "WHO KNOWS???" factor, which turned out to be a positive "who knew". Subban won the norris, which was a positive deviation from the average projection people were giving him at the time of the signing. Did anyone KNOW he was going to win the norris? Of course not. Everyone's acting like they did, though. Hindsight......

Likewise, his his projection could have deviated negatively and he could have had a horrible season, even regressing quite a bit. But that's not possible due to his character and the awesome interviews he gives on OTR and his father is a great guy and..... Hindsight, and on top of that, rationalization for his success. FRICKEN GOMEZ had character at some point. What really matters is effectiveness on the ice, and MB wanted to see more of it before signing him long term for big bucks.

All the people that don't believe that subban could have regressed are being completely unrealistic and are right where they should be, behind a keyboar in their basement, far away from habs management.
Did you think PK would regress? Based on what? An absolute random guess?
Hey, maybe PK gets hit by a bus driving to a game just a few days into the season.

There was no reason to believe PK would regress. If you followed the kid through the ranks, the opposite is what you should actually expect. He has had incredibly fast progressions through his years, and he is extremely professional regarding his training/development. So at his age, with no injuries, you really had no reason to believe he was going to regress. Could it have been a possibilty? Sure, the same is true for every player in the NHL, every year.

Nobody is acting like it was a known fact PK was going to win the Norris, but go back to the negotiation threads and you'll see a lot of people expected PK to keep progressing and was a sure bet. They didn't need hindsight.

I also want to make sure that PK didn't have to win the Norris. If he had a similar season to his sophomore one, he would already have been worth a longer cheaper term deal.

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