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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
The points you make about SV% being unreliable are entirely fair, and I have made them a lot myself. That, however, doesn't come close to making GAA a better indicator of goaltending quality. It is a rather pure team stat, and that's hardly debatable. SV% has severe issues as an indicator and really should not be relied upon - but GAA simply isn't one, at all. Most of all, the points you make against SV% can and do still show up in GAA. Those more difficult shots are still faced by the goaltender on the inferior team, and do translate to a worse GAA, just as much as they lower the SV%.
I still think GAA is more reliable then SV% and while the components of SV% do get reflected in the GAA it still becomes about where the shots came from in my opinion. So that's why I think GAA is a better stat to judge a goaltender on, whether it's a team stat or not...I don't think I've ever seen a "team" get the Vezina or Jennings trophies and what are the main components of how those awards are decided??? Wins, and GAA are the main factors. So even the NHL uses GAA as a basis for it's post-season awards.

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