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Originally Posted by JLewyB View Post
I think the video is a good example of how Regeir has a job. He doesn't let his ego get in the way and works well with his owner and staff in making every decision. My issue with Regeir in the past is that individually each move made perfect sense but the moves put together assemble a roster that didn't seem to have a lot of holes. Now, Pegula has been clear on what he wants. He wants a team with a certain identity-hardworking, high character and tough. Now with the big picture in place, Regier with not so subtle help from Devine can make the individual moves to allow that big picture to come to fruition.
I think it's an excellent setup and one I've been hoping for the Sabres to pursue for some time. Thrilled to see that it might actually be the plan for the Sabres as well.

Generally, I think Darcy Regier is great at the team managing aspects of being a GM, such as getting good value in trades, managing the cap, making roster moves that don't break the CBA, getting people under contract etc. Where he has shown himself to be not very good is in putting the right pieces together. Seems like the past few seasons every time we've tried to plug a hole the moves made have just created another. That's why it's so exciting to see Devine step up and seemingly handle the part of evaluating what type of players will move the team forward with a plan and then identifying which pieces to get.

It's natural to be gloomy about the Sabres with the way the past few years have gone, but I feel that there is a rock solid foundation being put in place and I am very excited to see where it will take us.

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