Thread: Player Discussion: Just how good is Jake Gardiner?
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08-01-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BIitz View Post
Well reading this thread you'd think he was something special. Which I personally don't see. I think he is a solid young D man, but there are just SO many good young D men out there. It'd be a beautiful surprise if he was ever top 10 in Norris voting.

I personally don't view him in a very high regard. I think he's good, and I'm glad we have him. But he is a #2 at best IMO. Good skater, however offensively I don't see him with a good enough shot of a good enough passer to ever put up 50 points. Defensively, I don't even know where to begin. Poor man on man coverage, often loses his man in coverage, poor defensive positioning, and an overall below average hockey IQ defensively. I think he's comparable to Kevin Shattenkirk, maybe not as good, though. Should be mid 40 point defender most seasons, which is great. I've compared him to Shattenkirk for a while now, both should play on the 2nd pairing and are really good skaters. I think Shattenkirk has a much better shot though.

I also think he is insanely overhyped. People constantly talk about the small sample size that was the playoffs as some sort of coming out party. I also don't think he is the future of this defense, and to be honest I'd be surprised if he was still wearing a Maple Leaf sweater in 5 years. The playoffs were nice, and he led our defensemen in zone entries though.

Overall my opinions on him are - Meh, good player, doesn't excite me nearly as much (or at all) as most of the posters here. I can name around 10-15 defenders around his age I'd rather take than him.
No offence but its a good thing your opinion doesn't mean jack in terms of how the leafs treat him going forward.

Kid's talent is off the charts. He was dominant in that Boston series, he was toying with them and was all over the ice at all times. He got a ton of praise on the main boards aswell.

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