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Originally Posted by JacobimMugatu View Post
Yes it is a big range, that doesn't mean that it's wrong. A lot of brands have on their container about taking 5g a day. Or doing a 20g/day loading phase, tapering down to 10g and then maintaining at 5 for the majority of the time. There is no scientific evidence that suggests that cycling creatine is necessary and any good strength coach will say that the athletes they train see increased results with 10-20g a day than with 5.

Look at BCAA supplementation for example, a typical dose is 5 grams, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having significantly more. Martin Berkhan who is essentially a nutrition god recommends up to 30 grams a day depending on the persons eating schedule. There is nothing that suggests that that kind of dosage has negative health effects.

Do you have a single shred of evidence that there's anything wrong with 10-20 grams a day? I come in with facts, you come in with how you feel about things and you call me absurd?
And generally speaking the "big losses" that people have when they come off creatine aren't big losses at all. Generally they'll lose some water weight and their lifts will take a small hit, but they would have trained more effectively through their time on it, so any losses they have will still place them above where they would have been without it.

And the idea of getting that much creatine through your diet, lol no thanks Jeff. Red meat/fish is where you'll find the highest concentration of creatine in food and it'd take eating 2+ lbs of it a day just to hit 5 grams of creatine.
First off, I apologize. You are right. They do say anywhere between 5 grams and 20 grams. Yet, for them to say stuff like that does not means its right or healthy. A lot of supplements are not controlled by the FDA. They have no restrictions, for example: up to 70 calcium supplements contain lead!. And to me the risks of large intake/constant use of synthetic supplements especially creatine out weight the benefits.

I have taken creatine powder before. Its not like I get down on myself for doing it. I really dont care. But I try to avoid mostly. I try to avoid most supplements. If I take a supplement I try to make it plant based, same with protein or maybe whey. But I rarely do any of these and stick to a natural diet.

1lb of beef has about 5 grams of creatine
1lb of salmon has about 4.5 grams of creatine
1lb of red meat has 2grams of creatine

I wouldnt recommend having salmon everyday, or red meat or beef everyday. But have it once or twice a week.

But did you know that a pound of chicken also contains the same amount of creatine in beef and rabbit meat. I love white meat such as chicken. I can easily have a pound in a day. Easy.

Chicken also happens to have a few extra amino acids that help your body NATURALLY produce creatine. WOW. Did you know that?

I didnt until now.

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