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08-01-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by snakeye View Post
Hence the reason for a bridge contact; to give time to assess a player's worth, during a stage in which he's still developing.
Except PK was already worth a 4-5M salary. He was already a top 30 Dman in the NHL. Crosby was still developing, so was Kane, Toews, Malkin, and a bunch of others coming out of their ELC, doesn't mean they're not worth a long investment. We're not talking about a mid level prospect who had decent seasons.

Again, you can argue for the bridge deal, but the amount of money Bergevin gave showed he just didn't know PK well enough. The way Therrien used him for the early part of the year also reflects that.
Originally Posted by dreamingofdrouin View Post
No...that is the impatient mentality that has rode us into the ground for the last 20 years. Your thinking about this the wrong way. I want to be good for years and years, and it's not by any means out of the qeustion if we stick to the draft.

Galchenyuk will be 22 in 4 years...all of our stars will be in their prime or just entering it and we will be thankfull that we won;t have to resign PK subban to an even bigger caphit than 7-8.
The league is absolutely booming right now even after the lockout.

We don't need the extra 3 million in cap space to get guys for the next few years won't be as important as the space we'll have down the road.
Gionta comes off the books next year, so does markov, than the year after that briere and plekanec.

Our cap space is fine and if a good ufa comes available and he doesn't want the moon we will have sufficient space to sign them.
What impatience? Not sure you really understand what I'm saying.
I have no issue building through the draft, and everybody wants to be good year in year out, forever. So what are you really talking about here??

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