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08-01-2013, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Twix View Post
It's pretty obvious the anti Vince Carter people are either very young or don't know/care for basketball. When the Raptors first came along it was a fun novelty but the team was terrible and not respected outside of Canada(kinda of like how it is now). Vince Carter single handily put the Raptors on the map and created an entire new generation of young basketball fans and hopefuls, Andrew Wiggins is one who cited VC as his inspiration. The dunk contest alone is part of Toronto lore. He carried the team to its first playoff run and almost into the second round. He didn't leave on the greatest of terms but that doesn't change the ground he broke for basketball in Canada.

I still get chills watching it to this day.
It is not obvious that anti Carter fans are young..I watch basketball and have for many many years....I was a huge Larry Bird fan....I was not a fan of Carter....never have been....I say he did more damage to the raptors then good. He made the Raptors a joke...with the way he departed us he left us with a reputation that we are not a city to play for. He is responsible for the way we are still viewed.

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