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Originally Posted by OkimLom View Post
If Darcy is not in charge, why do people blame him for certain moves?
Not sure what similar things you see between "GOLISANO and Crew" and Pegula.

I'm not exactly sure how many years Devine was the main guy making the drafting decisions. If he's just got the power, then you can give him credit all you want but give credit to Darcy for last year's draft. I'm pretty sure Devine has been with the Sabres organization for a while now, if he is making the decisions, then he needs to be held accountable for the mistakes from drafts of previous years.

It really doesn't matter how many fans dislike Darcy, the only guy Darcy has to impress is his boss. He's been doing this for 16+ years and still has his job.

I hate Darcy as much as the next guy, but you can't blame one aspect of his job on him when something unfavorable happens, and at the same time give credit to someone else for another aspect of his job. When you do that, you really are presenting the side of: I don't like Darc,y so anything negative, I'll blame him for it, and anything positive, its because of someone else. That doesnt come off as someone who wants to think rationally, it comes off as someone with a vendetta against him regardless how well or how bad of a job he does.
The lack of urgency is my #1 issue with Regier. Trading away a captain. Please find me a team with more players wearing the C since Regier took over the Sabres. For some reason he hates captains. These are things that have carried over into the Pegula era.

Not to mention missing playoffs, which since 2001 the Sabres are one of the worst teams in the NHL at making the playoffs.

As for your last point, I dont pick and choose with Darcy. I dont have to. The results are not there to even make good arguments in favor of Regier. He has money now to build and keep a team together people say, but I think he kept the last core together no problem. Money was there. I think many contracts he has handed out have been poor as well.

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