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Originally Posted by Kulemon View Post
This. Put all the damn bias aside. Put your opinion of his personality aside. This man's contribution to the sport alone is unbelievable. He's almost the sole reason why we're becoming a basketball power. Why basketball started to become the fastest growing sport in our country.

That is completely false. Anthony Bennett (first even canadian first overall pick in the nba draft) even said in a recent interview that came out a couple days ago that Vince Carter had more of an impact on him and ask any top Canadian prospect or player. They would and have said that their biggest inspiration was seeing VC in those purple jerseys throwing down terrifying dunks in the slam dunk competition and with the Raptors. He was like Canada's own personal MJ. Kids wanted to be like Vince. Like I said, even little kids in the US at the time wanted to be like Vince. Kevin Durant even said he grew up a Raptors fan.

And Carter turned people off the game because of his selfishness? Lol what? MJ and Kobe, arguable two of the greatest players of all time were/are extremely selfish. That doesn't change anything. Those two along with VC drew people towards the game, not away.
That statement can't be disputed, everything else is your opinion.

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