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Lord the original list screams that it was done by someone that failed at sports history and doesn't know Toronto had sport teams before 1990. Or aka the usual when it comes to these lists.

As for my kick at the can:
  1. Dave Steib - The amount of times I rooted for this guy to get his no-hitter only to be screwed by the baseball gods is just insane. Best pitcher not named Halladay that ever donned the Blue and White, and IMO the face of the franchise during the 80's
  2. Mike "Pinball" Clemons - The main reason why anyone knew the Argos existed in the late 80's/early 90's, Pinball wore his heart on his sleeve and gave this beleagured franchise a positive player/coach to rally too during it's darkest days.
  3. Mats Sundin - Traded for the face of the franchise of the 80's, he became the lone rock in a sea of constant change that was the Leafs of the last two decades. IMO best forward to play for the Blue and White since Frank Mahovolich
  4. Frank Mahovlich - The "Big M" was the machine that drove the Leafs last dynasty. Along with Bower, Keon, Bathgate, Kelly and Horton, he'd lead the team to four cups during the decade.
  5. Dave Keon - Ballards whipping boy deserved more respect then he received from a team he played for a decade and change
  6. Vince Carter - I'm no basketball fan, and his attitude sucked **** at the end, but he could play, and along with nash are what Canadians think of when they think of NBA players that played or hail from north of the 49th.
  7. Roy Halladay - A pitcher that belonged in a different time, but coudl pitch in any period. Great pitcher on average/crap teams. Bittersweet to see him leave.
  8. Lionel Conacher - I dind't know that this guy even existed until today, and it's another example of how **** our history education is in this country. Folks that say it begins and ends with this guy are on the money
  9. Johnny Bower - Best goalie in Leafs history? Oh ya, he's on the top 10. No running him out of town.
  10. Ace Bailey - First (arguably?) superstar for the Leafs, and either him or Howie Morenz benefit games were the inspriations for todays NHL All Star game (the existance of, not the scoring derby it evolved into)

And the also rans:

Joe Carter - Love how he was the guy at the end for each of our WS wins (and how mentioning his name when visiting the outlaws is considered a curse word), but he's on the outside looking in. Sorry Joe.
Doug Flutie - If he had been here from the start instead of rocking it in Calgary and Buffalo definitely in the top ten. One of those guys that is close, but no cigar
Doug Gilmour - Guy was a beast, but sadly not for very long. He seemed (to me anyways) to be really good for the 1991-93 years....and then faded away.
Wendal Clark - Not being a Leaf fan, I always felt this guy was the Darryl Sittler of the 80's. Good player made great by the fans wanting someone to root for that didn't suck (hopefully that made sense). Love his fights though.
George Chuvalo - What if he had beaten Ali?
Carlos Delgado - A damn good hitter on a lot of average (and that's being kind) teams.
Roberto Alomar - Best second basemen that ever played in Toronto, only gets the cut for the same reason Dougie did; he wasn't here for a long time.

Disclaimer: When it comes to Toronto based teams, I'm mainly a Blue Jays fan. My hockey teams are Toronto's rivals, my knowledge of other sports is slim to none, but with research, I'm hoping that bias has been leveled. I also based my rankings on total contribution in a Toronto sports team uniform, and longevity and success over brief flashes of brilliance. Or at least tried too.

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