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08-01-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan8828 View Post
No way he deserves to lose his job for saying an offensive word. Look at all the other neanderthals around the league who get arrested for DUI. When they get behind the wheel while intoxicated, not only are they putting their own lives at risk, but the lives of everyone on the road as well. They could have killed someone and they still have a job.

He's human. He made a mistake. If his teammates can forgive him, then he should stay. This is another example of the media blowing things out of proportion.

And like I said before, I don't care what he does off the field. He can be a member of the klan for all I care. I only care about is his performance on the field.
Well everybody but McCoy but this is the same guy who threw a female off his bus on the turnpike & urged his twitter followers to berate the mother of his child on there this offseason so he really shouldn't be throwing stones from his glass house.

I think the fine & humiliation is enough of a punishment.

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