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Originally Posted by KuleminFan41 View Post
What more do you want? The list is full of all time stats leaders and champions. You can disagree with the list(as many will) but to say its depressing is ridiculous. Some of the cities all time best team sports athletes and you crap all over it? Thats absurd.

Do you think Yankee's fans think its depressing that majority of their greatest players played before most of them were born?No!Want to know why? Because they're the greatest players to have ever put on their respected jersey.The whole list is full of championship winning players. Maybe you don't like football or baseball but you have NO right to be completely disrespectful in the way that you are.

Carter - 2 World Series
Alomar - 2 World Series
Delgado - Leads Most Offensive Stats for the Blue Jays
Clemons - 3 Grey Cups
Flutie - 2 Grey Cups
Sundin - Leads the Leafs in most statistics
Mahovlich - 4 Stanley Cups
Keon - 4 Stanley Cups

Some names can be disagreed upon but those are all winners or lead their respected teams. Don't see whats "depressing" about it
You've missed my ENTIRE point. No one is disagreeing with the fact that these players are the best to wear the uniform. But when COMPARING the best that us Toronto fans have been given versus the incredible quality of athletes of some other fan bases it's truly depressing how awful our best is COMPARED to them.

For example, someone has to lead the Leafs in offensive stats and it's pretty sad that Sundin is the best we've ever gotten COMPARED to a team like Pittsburgh or Edmonton and I'm not even gonna talk about the Habs. The HFBoards history section rated all time players here and Sundin didn't even make the top 100. Now that's disappointing.

To even mention the CFL in the top 10 is so horribly unsatisfactory that if you can't see what I'm talking about you just don't get it.

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