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08-01-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
Good for taking it away from them but that takes a lot of fun out of the win overall, don't ya think? I'd rather have lost and played a good game but I suppose if you're FAR outclassed because of ineligible subs then that's no fair or good either. Could have turned it into a ridiculous fight first though, that's always good

I can't remember the circumstances but I remember once a couple of our guys were accidentally left off the updated playoff roster despite playing the whole season with us (neither were close to being one of our best players, but they were solid for sure). We got roster checked and they got the boot, we ended up playing with 1 sub for the remainder of the game and were able to come back and win it overall. By taking them out it allowed us to ice our best forwards more, so it ultimately was a perk for us. After all the hubbub w/the officials and our guys being kicked out, we went nuts and brought the game from very close to being a near blowout.
These were young punks who we had a rivalry with and they really did deserve it. I was fine for taking the loss, they were clearly better overall skill wise but their goalie happened to be a different race than the goalie we played. When they began taunting us I think that's usually when sportsmanship goes out the window a little and oneupsmanship comes into play. Looking back I laugh about it, it was the end of my roller hockey career and incidents like that make me glad I chose to switch to ice hockey. Until it was brought up on the bench I never though about roster checking them, then I thought to myself-what a genius idea! It was like getting into a fight with a guy who bit you so you bite him back. Nothing to be proud of but something to laugh about 12 years later.

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