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Originally Posted by erieottersnews View Post
Ehh i dont know about that. Harper had a disappointing season no doubt but Bassin had some pretty positive comments on him and seems he isnt going to give up on Harper. Harper has the talent and physical tools to be a successful player, I'm not really sure what his issue was last season. We were all very high on him after his solid rookie season. I understand that for us to pick up this "high end D" we are chasing we are going to give up something of value in return, but I dont think it's going to be Harper.
It's absolutely going to be Harper. You can't get a #1 defenseman in a trade for guys like Cairns, Evans, Betz, Wood, etc etc etc. He's traded a similar forward who didn't pan out before for a big upgrade in David Broll. I think that trade was something like Thompson for Broll, 3rd, 4th and they swapped import picks...different position but that's the kind of deal it is going to take.

For comparisons sake:

High end trades:

Slater Koekkoek for Michael Clarke and two 2nd's.

Ceci plus Janes and a 3rd for for Middleton and Blandisi.

Solid, respectable defenseman:

Cardwell for 2nd, 3rd, 5th

Beukeboom for 2nd, 4th, 6th

Chiarlitti for 2nd, 5th, 10th

Curcuruto for Dempsey and Mascarin


So, the going rate for a #1 defenseman is at least one top two round projectable player with at least two years of service time remaining. Guys who qualify include Harper and Crisp, and with his recent draft selection and the teams affinity for him, I'd imagine Crisp is staying put.

Harper goes for a #1 guy, or they go out and get someone a tier under that and package one of the expendables with a bunch of picks. The good news for the Otters is a guy from the "solid" category instantly becomes a #1 type, not necessarily on skill but necessity. Sitting on a pile of picks and some forward depth once they formally announce Burakovsky's signing, this one should be a slam dunk.

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