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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post

That's hysterical actually. I got ZERO tickets. Which is shocking. Cause I speed. I drove sorta slow though.

But seriously...from just outside of Reno all the way to Iowa, the speed limit on I80 is 75 MPH. Then Iowa makes you slow down to 70 to stare at their ****ing corn. AND the next day it rained the entire time I was in the state. Such a useless state.

I wore my U of Michigan and made a point of it to stop in South Bend to get coffee and gas. Cause **** you ND. Your school is awful.
Iowa and NE have Runza's though so they aren't entirely worthless.

UND is one of the more ridiculous campus's there are but then it is a GREAT place to watch hockey and the people are really nice around there. You want a treat in ND head off to Rugby. It is the geographical center of NA. Don't sneeze cause you will literally drive right through the place though.

Reno has allot of great places to go and things to see. I highly recommend the Sushi Bar at the Atlantis. If you go there ask for Chun and tell her "Guy from Canada sent you". Its fresh good and ayce at $16 u.s. If you get Chun just tell her to use her imagination. She is a master Sushi chef and will run the gambit for you. I have known her for a few years and have never ordered anything, she just knows what I like and makes things based around my tastes.

As good as anyplace I have been.

Go to the top of Mount Rose and walk around. Lots of great views.

If you are making the drive back or through there again drive the 6 through UT and stop in Helper. Go to the "Museum" there. Walk out back and you will know why I recommend it. Once in a lifetime experience.

Lots of good hockey on that trip too.

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