Thread: News Article: Who is the Rangers #1D?
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08-02-2013, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
And my argument still stands, looking at these shooting %
Harmonic at 3.6%
Gonchar at 3.5%
Duncan Keith at 3.3%
OEL at 3.0%

The boards rave about OEL, I never read you or anybody else complain about his shooting percentage.

DZ has produced 37+ points in 3 out of his 4 years in the league, yet doesn't get the respect he deserves because some on this board decided he is the whipping boy in vogue, and keep repeating the non sense of "he misses the net and has no hockey IQ" based on no facts whatsoever.

IMO it says a lot more about them than about DZ.
My point was that he doesn't have all the tools right now to be a PPQB. I am far from the only one that holds this opinion, (and it being a popular opinion doesn't make it wrong). Brian Boyle was the whipping boy, and I defended him at every chance. I had my gripes with Torts also, but I defended him also when I thought he wasn't in the wrong. I think I've given relatively neutral opinions about this team, (except Brassard, of course), not everyone who disagrees with you is just "repeating memes".

Stats don't lie, but they are easily misconstrued. How can you rate hockey IQ based on facts? You can't base your opinion solely on stats either, because they don't tell the whole story. It's not your stats I refuse, it's your way of using them.

Anyway thanks for the article, I did agree with it's general points.

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