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Originally Posted by KelownaRocketsFan View Post
The hockey stop is definitely the most difficult part of skating! I finally learned how to do it with my left foot inside and right foot outside but still can't do it the other way round. Fear is a big factor here obviously. I never skated wearing hockey equipment. If I did, I'd probably just try everything until I'm able to do it. But without equipment I'm always too afraid of falling over and hurting anything.
I'm the same! I try to wear gloves so that at least I can convince myself the fall won't burn my hands, haha. I hate that feeling of ice on skin!

Do you have any advice for getting up that courage? I'm good at a one-foot stop in the correct feet placement, but I can't get the second inside foot to make contact with the ice on the stop, and if I DO get it to make contact, it's just the tip of the blade.

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