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08-02-2013, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by OKnumber25 View Post
When they made the new 200's, the made them rise more steeply than before. That freed up more space inside for the upper concourses. In other words, they traded air space insde the arena for concourse space under the stands.
They freed up more space but theres a big but...Previously the 300s used the 7th floor and the 8th floor to walk around/bathroom/concession and the 400s had at least a little space to walk around on the 9th floor.

Now everyone in the 200s and up (previously the 300s and 400s) all basically have to work within the confines of the 8th floor.

If they gave the 200s the 7th floor there would be (a guess) at least 10 more feet to work with in the concourses. Heck, even if it was 5 feet it would make a difference.

Getting rid of the inner walkway removed a huge annoyance component but I am not sure how much it effects congestion in the concourses. What it did add that we really didnt have before is the people who walk the entire length of rows because they entered the wrong side of the section.

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