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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
lets just ignore the fact that he acquired 2 incredible leaders, and the stupid policies of ownership allowed them to get away, and for a Stanley Cup contender, built entirely by Regier fell apart when the foundational pieces were stripped by the stupidity of ownership
Do you ever wonder what regier was doing or saying as the clock ticked down to July 1st 2007? Was he being agressive with ownership to get them to do whatever it takes to get one signed? Or do you think he just sat and waited?

I imagine he was was just waiting. The money was there, they spent it, so maybe if Regier demanded something get done then it does get done. Maybe it puts Regier's job on the line by demanding something, but thats how it works IMO. Being nice and just going along with everything is how you stay employed without winning for 16 years.

As for aquiring leadership, I think there is a guy right now who shows leadership qualities. Mike Weber immediately comes to mind. Why not slap the C on Weber. He will be your #4 D, so he is important. He lays it on the line every night. He is young enough to play at a high level for 5-6+ years.

Maybe Ehrhoff. Long-term contract, #1 D. Shows some leadership qualities, long-term contract. Not going anywhere anytime soon. Slap the C on him.

I will laugh my butt off if Vanek is captain to start the year without a contract. Maybe they think by making him captain he will want to re-sign or something.

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