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08-02-2013, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
My point was that he doesn't have all the tools right now to be a PPQB. I am far from the only one that holds this opinion, (and it being a popular opinion doesn't make it wrong).

Stats don't lie, but they are easily misconstrued. How can you rate hockey IQ based on facts? You can't base your opinion solely on stats either, because they don't tell the whole story. It's not your stats I refuse, it's your way of using them.
I agree with you on MDZ.

I am hoping, but not confident that his game improves under a different coaching style. I think MDZ's best trait was always getting the puck to Gaborik going up ice and into the neutral zone.

From the eye test, I don't see a top notch power play QB. I see someone who can get the puck from his own blue line to the other, make a pass to someone who can do something with the puck from there. Last year and somewhat in years past instead of skating the puck from one line to the other, he has been trying to make these long stretch passes. Whether or not that was by design of coaching or not is debatable, but I certainly don't see that as his strength.

There are games where he looks decisive in a good way, looks like he is going to take charge of the puck. Then there are other games where he makes poor reads with and without the puck. Missing the net, regardless of the stats, going by the eye, I have seen him miss the net on wide open shots more than most players would. The toughest part about that is he misses in such a way the puck goes right out of the zone and it not only usually traps him, but also the other players on the ice who are driving to the net looking for a rebound that does not come because he missed the net.

As far as stats, look at his total power play time per year over the years, look where that ranks in the NHL as a whole. He is right up there amongst the top of the league in total power play time and his ranking in terms of points on the power play do not reflect how much time he has received. MDZ had two more points than McD and McD had almost no power play time while MDZ had the most of any defense.

Who is the Rangers #1, I think it's better to break them down to sides. Girardi and Stralman are the top RDs. McD and a healthy Staal are the top LD.

Ranking them position withstanding, McD if he continues like he has wins. Staal is a close 2nd when healthy. Girardi a close third. Stralman and Del Zotto a step or two below. Moore he is almost as much of a prospect as Miller and Kreider, yet I liked what I saw for the most part.

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