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Originally Posted by Cake or Death View Post
A number of us spent like a month compiling the center list and disagreed. I personally think the gap between Boucher and Messier is rather large. I'll explain why I feel this way...

Cups with NYR: Boucher 2, Mess 1
Top 10 gls finishes: Boucher 2, Mess 1
Top 10 asst finishes: Boucher 9, Mess 2
Top 10 pts finishes: Boucher 8, Mess 2
Top 10 playoff gls finishes: Boucher 5, Mess 1
Top 10 playoff asst finishes: Boucher 5, Mess 1
Top 10 playoff pts finishes: Boucher 5, Mess 1
Era adjusted pts with NYR: Boucher 273-864-1137, Mess 256-454-710
Era adjusted pts/season with NYR: Boucher 23-72-95, Mess 26-45-71
1st team all star: Boucher 3, Mess 1
2nd team all star: Boucher 1, Mess 0
Hardware: Boucher - Smythe*, Lady Byng 7 times**, Mess - Hart
Messier's best era adjusted season: 45 gls, 50 asst, 95 pts
Boucher's best era adjusted season: 42 gls, 118 asst, 160 pts

* - awarded retroactively
** - Boucher won the Byng so many times they gave him the original trophy and created a new one
There's no shame in being #2 on a list of all-time greats for a franchise that has been around for 87 years. That said, it wasn't unanimous to put Boucher at #1...I didn't.

I disagree with Cake's opinion and his basing it, at least in part, on "Top 10" finishes of Boucher v. Messier in individual stat categories because he's comparing apples to oranges. Being Top 10 in scoring when there were only about 36 forwards in the league isn't the same as being Top 10 when there were over 310 forwards. If you're going to compare apples to apples, then a Top 10 finish for Boucher is akin to a Top 85 finish for Messier.

I appreciate the 2 Cups for Boucher but I don't think having 2 Cups v. having 1 Cup is that much of an advantage for Boucher, since the playoffs were so much shorter in Boucher's day. The way the playoffs were set up back then, Boucher wound up playing 17 games total in his Stanley Cup runs. Messier's Rangers played 23 in their one Cup run and even if those Rangers had swept every series, they would have had to play a minimum of 16 games.

In any event, they were two great Rangers and I have no qualms with the way the list played out even if it did differ from my personal ranking.

Now, if we continue to argue the merits of the players we already ranked, that might signal that it's time to tackle another position.

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