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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
It's funny that you jumped ship from the Flyers because of bad "management policies", but you still root for the Phillies who have a much longer history of being poorly managed. The Phillies from the mid-90's (post WS team) until about 2005 were one of the most dreadful franchises in sports, and notoriously cheap.
Different reasons behind it but in the end, the Phillies did make the right decisions. Sure I remember them being cheap and just rooting for the .500 mark a lot of years. I did get annoyed with how little they actually tried to get better, but they had so many issues, it wasn't one outstanding thing they could do.

Then, they got someone from outside the organization and they built and stuck with a young core of awesome players. Then, they won a championship. So they will get credit for that forever from me. Wish they'd do it again. But really, Amaro actually has tried to get things they need. He's just an epic moron and gets the wrong players. Plus, business ethics are a big thing for me. Especially since 2005, I haven't ever felt like the players were treated disrespectfully.

I certainly don't want to bring my feelings towards the Flyers over here. It would take a while for me to accurately explain everything. I like it here cause this is by far the most level headed place to talk about the Phillies. Every other forum is filled with ****** who are condemning the entire team and clogging posts with stupid internet memes.

I take enough abuse from my own family about switching, you know? AND, my mom's a penguins fan so I think I'm suffering enough

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