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Originally Posted by SabresAreScaryGood View Post
Lets just remember the team got worse when he had ownership that always says yes. So when you want to defend Regier remember that he was given a blank check, felt he had a cup team, and failed miserably.
Now he gets a great chance to rebuild with a great owner. I dont believe he deserves this chance. I think he lost that by wasting rebuild years when Pegula 1st came here.
Pegula wanted to win a cup in 3 years... You really fail to see the impact of ownership in the direction of a franchise

that hot run to the playoffs when Pegula bought the team, definitely set them back a few years. there is no doubt that it built false hope. the new owner wanted to throw money around... he felt money could solve the problem.

they also underestimated the desire of players to come to buffalo (Richards, Doan, Parise)... and a lot of the probably still stems from previous ownership.

But going back to that era, I dont know what to believe. I know there was a report Drury had a contract but the Sabres waited. I know there was a report that the Sabres had no contact with Briere his final year, and then tried to sign him after Drury said no.

I know Regier likes to wait. Every national reporter says Regier likes to wait.

Is it fair to believe Regier is the one who waited on the Drury contract? Sure it is. Is it fair to believe Regier let a whole year go by without talking to Brier's agent? Sure it is.
No... the policy was set above him

I remember the exact reason given for waiting on Drury, they didnt want Briere to get upset, which would hurt the locker room. I seem to remember Regier talking about preventing jealousies in the locker room.
That was the excuse the pedaled to the masses AFTER the fact. The real reason is that ownership had a "no in season contract negotiations" rule.

I cant eliminate Regier from that mess like some fans can. But honestly, its not why i am so upset with Regier right now. I am upset with Regier because somehow he gets the chance to rebuild with a great owner like Pegula but Lindy Ruff didnt. Lindy Ruff had the hardest job under past owners, and he somehow took teams that were not predicated to do well pretty far. I felt both GM and coach should have been gone or both stay. OR, fire Ruff and let a new coach try and get the most out of Regier's core he kept for so long. Not fire Ruff, get rid of the previous core and start over with Regier running the show.
and there it is...

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