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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
this is so LOL. that's exactly what you are saying according to one study, ignoring hundreds of studies of upto 5-year duration that showed creatine to be completely safe. at best, there is a creatine-DHT link to be further studied, nothing more.

first of all, "synthetic" creatine is equivalent to natural creatine. there is literally no chemical difference between the two, once it dissolves in water (in case of creatine monohydrate). if you are worried whether the supplier is putting lead into its powder, buy a brand that has been tested by the FDA. problem solved.

secondly, you claim 1lb of beef or salmon contain upto 5g of creatine, whereas your own citation is saying it's 5g per 1kg AND it states cooking the meat reduces it's bioavailability. good luck eating that much. furthermore, the two sources for that are medical textbooks from 2001 and 2008. you can be sure that the research those are citing is superficial and outdated at best. there's so much variation in the beef and chicken that you eat on the micronutrient level, that you can't possibly conclude that chicken is better.

finally, you bring up one study where 20 rugby players were put on a creatine load/maintain phase for three weeks. that itself is not enough. it's a very small, narrowly selected group, with no mentioned control for weightlifting/exercise/calorie/age/gender/etc. what if these are just college students who happen to play rugby once a week? what if they don't track their calories or macros? what if they are doing your standard BS at the gym without actually building any muscle?

DHT spikes of several weeks at a time are not unusual. you can get on a heavy lifting program in the offseason trying to add 50 lbs to your squat, and your DHT/T levels would go up. you go off the lifting program in season, stop lifting, your DHT/T levels will drop. it's meaningless to look at DHT:T ratio without such context.

No that is not EXACTLY what I was saying.
When one person here claimed that taking creatine led to hair loss, I looked it up. And I brought to you ONE study that claimed this to be true. So I backed up one personal experience somebody had here, that all of you claimed to be IMPOSSIBLE, and I showed you ONE study of MANY that show how it is possible and the results that followed in that ONE study.

What did you want me to do? Reference every single study of creatine that shows its harmful side effects? And my problem is solved when the FDA says its okay? HA! Good luck with that. The FDA has its issues too. Every medication prescribed out there by doctors is FDA approved, and yet medical side effects range from constipation to dehydration to CANCER to Blindness to short term memory loss. I was just prescribed medication for acne I had... Medical container or doctor didnt tell me about the more severe side effects. Once I looked up I saw side effects can cause short term memory loss upon dozens of other things.

Now obviously taking protein shake or a synthetic supplement will not all of a sudden cause you to lose your memory or whatever else I stated but lets be real... you implement this into your diet on a daily basis and your going to see benefits and what you might not see until later on, depending the amount and overall health and genetics, will be side effects that I have stated way too many times.

If you dont believe in it, so be it. I prefer the natural route and add in supplements once in a while.

My citation was talking about chicken. And how chicken was comparable to beef and rabbit meat.
Others on here have shown other citations for beef 1lb! to be 5grams of creatine.

And your very well right on the research and the concerns. All of those can be true. But I assume it to be a well set up study. But then you can say that about any study. So then what do we believe?

I believe personal experience. And I will stick to the more natural route for the most part. A much healthier lifestyle especially in the LONG run. If I cant gain 50lbs on my squats by myself... then so be it. But guess what. Through intense workouts, healthy diet and patience and repetition I am able to always create challenges that I succeed at sooner or later. I get stronger, and faster and tougher without the need for supplements on a daily basis. I guarantee you I will be a healthier me at the age of 40 or 50 and beyond because of my routines and my diet

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