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Originally Posted by TheNumber4 View Post
I think that'll be our only hope. Right now it's looking like nobody's biting on the Hemsky trade front. Mac T seems to have implied in a recent interview that Hemmer will be playing on the roster. With that being said, if Hemsky plays like he did last year with BONEHEAD giveaways inside of out blueline and little to no grit, his negative value will detract from what our 3rd line can be. No he did have a couple good scoring spurts last year, but even then, on the 3rd line even when his offensive game is on he will have less minutes and less skilled linemates.

So in my view, the only way for Hemsky in Oil Silks to work is for Hemsky to BE BETTER. If Hemsky can even attain let's say half of Hossa's defensive game, he'd be awesome. But Hemsky can get lazy and can get hurt easy. I think Hemsky's gotta spend 1 summer just BULKING up.
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