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Originally Posted by skacore View Post
I usually look at last online if its 4+ days ill boot, otherwise if I get multiple messages about the same team.. I admit I may have pulled the trigger on NJ early but I just constantly get messages every sim about NJ that's why I didn't really hesitate. Anyways going forward don't bother asking for a boot unless your opponents offline 4+ games, we'll just have to deal with more simmed games

I realize in the past my availability was a problem and I take no issues with the concern because it was fair.

But in past seasons I set my CPU because I acknowledged the issue and agreed.

But this past block I made full efforts to arrange my games and it was scheduling issues.

I sent friends requests and messages out to my opponents and only one person responded, Chevy.

Both Chevy and I couldnt find a mutual time, so I have no idea why he would complain, but if he did then he pulled a fast one on you and I would appreciate it if you didnt allow him to play my CPU in the future because our schedules clash.

The other 3 didnt even bother responding to my messages and/or friends request and were all constantly offline 20+ hours as I would check the friends request frequently just to see if I could catch them online.

Now because of this premature boot, Pittsburgh has played my CPU fully knowing of the situation and that I would be back this block... Which has handed me another loss which wasnt deserved.

In this case, I request that I may play Pittsburghs CPU the next time we face each other to call it even.

And in response to Dallas... check post 64 of this thread.

I posted at 12pm and stated I would be on several hours and was still booted. It seems like the person who whines the most tend to be the most "available". I shouldn't have to post in this thread every time I sign onto NHL.

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