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08-02-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by DogsFan View Post
Whats the deal with Buffalo? 1-4.. not there?

Also, it looks like , and have played your CPU already.


Stay classy guys.

Not sure how its my fault that I haven't been accepted into the league yet, I've been around all day waiting for Skacore to be available to accept. (Not his fault, work happens)

Thanks for the heads up Dogs.

I'll be filing a request to play their CPU's the next time I face them, because that is just rediculous.

I made a post minutes after Skacore booted me, saying I would be sending a friends request in and to not play my CPU as I would be on tomorrow.

That time has arrived, and 3 people have chose the easy way out.

Nobody should be playing anyones Human Controlled CPU until the last day of the advance anyways, and if they're not available to play the CPU on that date, then who's to say they're not the one with availability issues themselves.

I clearly posted saying I would be sending a request in and for nobody to play my CPU.

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