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08-02-2013, 11:57 AM
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And buying an FDA approved supplement is not a problem that is solved.

Everyday there are new issues at hand from FDA approved products. Diet Soda for instance. Cigarettes. Medications.

No study can pinpoint any of the bad side-effects on any one product. You can make a case for several other factors at play. But it comes down to your belief.

I believe I have seen nothing but issues at the hands of many FDA approved products. Man made products like the chemicals and artificial ingredients cause more issues than you might ever realize.

I say, be as natural as you can be. If you dont believe in that, and you want to argue that there is nothing wrong with the things mentioned above or things like it... then go ahead. but i said my peace with this subject.

Its fine if you want to dabble in it. Just be careful and be aware of others experiences.

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