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01-11-2004, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MBJets
Burke & Taffe
Gagne & Handzus

If Clarke were truly desperate (ie Adam Oates type desperate; actually probably worse than Adam Oates desperate) then I could see the Flyers dealing one of Gagne or Handzus; although I don't beleive the Coyotes coaching staff was enamoured with Handzus's attitude which was part of the reason for his departure from the Phoenix organization. Even then, Phoenix would have to part with at least one of their prized prospects (Taffe was their top prospect going into the season and is on the main team and impressing most Coyote fans every night).

Given that the Flyers have already dealt Woywitka and their first round pick this year (and Phoenix already owns their second this year), Philadelphia isn't a great match. Williams, Comrie, Seidenberg, Gagne, Pitkanen are unlikely candidates to be moved Phoenix's way and Phoenix isn't likely going to accept expensive veterans in return. I also think Richards and Carter fall into that untouchable category. At this point, Phoenix will likely be asking for one of those names that I've mentioned but unless things get absolutely desperate I don't see Clarke anxious to pull that trigger, and even then we would be looking at a deadline deal. If this did happen, I would expect that draft picks and likely one of their forward prospects (McLeod, Koreis, Eager) moving the other way. I would anticipate that from that list Eager would offer Clarke the most upside to sell to his fanbase. Again, highly unlikely.

More realistic scenario is a second tier prospect, a conditional draft pick (downside of a second or third round pick dependent upon the quality of the prospect and how far Philli goes in the playoffs - upside would be a first round pick in 2005 which is a discounted future payment).

It's still a high price but definately cheaper than some of the alternatives both monetarily (Burke is $3.5 million less expensive than Cujo and $2 million less than Khabby) and in asset requirement (you can bet Tampa would want at least two of Comrie, Seidenberg, Carter, Richards, Handzus, Gagne, Williams in return for Khabby - they did give up the 31st pick (Matt Spiller), Mike Johnson, and Paul Mara for Khabby in the first place.

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